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Why Join our club?

You will have great access to late-model, well-equipped aircraft.  The Club limits membership to a total of ten members per airplane to assure access to aircraft. Scheduling policies are liberal and flexible, with greater latitude allowed to student pilots.  You can book your flights online or by phone 24/7.  The club plans to add more aircraft as membership increases.
For the casual/occasional flyer:
For pilots who only fly occasionally, primarily locally to keep their ratings current, the savings of not having to buy renter insurance alone more than pay for the monthly dues at the "Executive" level membership. In addition, our aircraft are much newer than comparable rentals in the Inland Empire.
For the serious/frequent cross-country traveller:
For pilots using private aircraft for overnight business or private trips, FBO rentals are not an option as they impose too many restrictions. Aircraft ownership (as an individual or through a partnership) is very costly. RFC offers an alternative that provides the best of both worlds: Access to multiple aircraft (when one is down, take another), flexible scheduling rules, excellent availability, and all that at fairly constant costs that can be easily projected (no bad maintenance "surprises" for the member) and which are much lower than aircraft ownership. For the monthly dues at the Full Member level, you can't even rent half a hangar at Redlands for your own aircraft.
For current aircraft owners:
If you currently own a similar aircraft to what RFC has and you fly less than 100 hrs/year, you could save a lot of money by selling your aircraft and joining RFC. If you fly less than 50 hrs/year, it is a complete no-brainer. Your "investment" would be only $4500 (our deposit), and your monthy fixed costs would go down to around $200 or less. Plus, you won't be grounded if one plane is down for maintenance. With a maximum of only ten members per airplane, most of which only fly occasionally, access to one or our two aircraft is virtually guaranteed, even on short notice.

Member Benefits

    Convenient base at KREI
    Late model aircraft (not your father's Cessna)
    Cross-country aircraft: IFR Garmin 430W equipped 1998 Piper PA-28-181 Archer III
    Comfortable entry-level trainer: IFR equipped 1991 Socata TB9 Tampico
    Hangared (4163W) cool and clean aircraft
    24/7 internet or phone flight scheduling system
    Weather-protected storage - no sun-baked avionics!
    Reduced flying costs versus renting
    Minimal scheduling competition
    Camaraderie with and mentoring from other pilots

Club Member savings

                 No overnight stay fees

                 No daily minimum flight hours

                 Club provided insurance - $900/year savings compared to purchasing renter insurance at equivalent limits

                 Memberships available for family members at minor additional cost

                  Multiple membership options


Redlands Flying Club meets on the first and third Thursday of each month, at the Redlands Airport Lobby located at 1745 Sessums Drive, Redlands, CA 92374, at 6:00pm
Guests are welcome, please send an email to to let us know you would like to come.
Click here for directions to our meeting location.


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